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    Non-Bleed TXV's??

    Wonding why Goodman is matching non-bleed TXV's for all their Heat Pump units. Recently put in a 5 ton Heat Pump w/TXV matched with unit. Condenser has a scroll compressor, but now I've got to install a Start-Assist kit or change out the TXV w/a Bleed-type. Anyone know the reason using Non-bleed TXV's....seems like this only causes the compressor to work alot harder on start-up???

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    Not allowed to get technical in the residetial forums.

    But, You'll find that just about all manufacturers are using non bleed TXVs, it increases SEER rating.

    If its got a scroll compressor, its not the TXV thats causing it to have start troubles.

    Oh, and.

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