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    tools from the good old days

    I r the king of the world!...or at least I get to stand on the roof and look down on the rest of yall

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    I still have one of those. And a bushing replacement tool kit for fractional horsepower motors. And a can of Cloverleaf valve lapping compound. And an original GE H10 electronic leak detector that looks like a '56 Buick that the wheels fell off of while it had a TV in the back seat. I truly long for the days of HFC refrigerants and halide torches with tin beer cans wrapped around the heads.........I think I'm gonna cry................

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    I still have a perfect "Dial a Charge" in a nice case, just can't get myself to throw it away.
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    saw a dial a charge at a pawn shop once. no price on it so i ask how much and the guy says $100. Pfffft. I would have considered it for $20 just to toy with but not for $100.

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    been going thru old tool boxes . some not opened for several years. found 3 sets of the old airsreco spring clips we used to put our pocket thermometers in to check sh & sc. 2 sets of the brass case superheat
    thermometers & much more. sure brings back memories.
    also found a 1934 norge rollator compressor that i rebuilt 1n the early
    70s just because we had a rebuild kit for it. need to get rid of a bunch of
    this old junk have 2 sets of the eastman access tools both like new.
    i would imagine most of the oldtimers also have old tools laying around
    they just cant part with yet.

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