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    What will they think of next?

    Went to the supply house last week, looked up and saw this on top of the tool display case behind the counter.

    Guess I'm too old school. I'm waiting for them to develop a rechargable tool to get the younger guys off the cell phone and hand out of his pocket..............

    .........Wait they already have that, it's a cattle prod just did a search using online HR manual, no object found

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    No more copper then I cut the batterys would go bad are I could never find it in my truck I would bet it is not cheap either.

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    I can see it now...

    "Yo dude, like, this thing's outta power...does that mean we can go home now?"
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    what kind of price did they have on it?

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    IIRC, it's $175 at Home Depot.

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    My tubing cutter stay out of batteries cuz. o cuz no more batteries shoots den where da killas stay?

    to understand this you need to be from da islands, if you are than you know datts da kine cuz
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    I bought one of these for the novelty of it....don't get to use it much, it's just plain too big for the cramped spaces in which i need to cut!

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    I think they had a rough-in plumber in mind when they made those. The HVAC supply houses figured they might be able to cash in on a few sales to a/c techs that think those things are too cool to pass up. As for me and my house, we will not spend the money on those kinds of things.

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    I have one and never use it. It is definitely a novelty item. I did let a guy borrow it at a jobsite and the dumb@$$ stuck his finger in it to "check it" and it was not pretty. Broke the tool and messed his finger up, blood everywhere. Home Depot replaced it, no questions asked.
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    I picked up one of these a few weeks back to try it out. Used it putting in baseboard convectors. Works real good in hard to reach areas. Lots faster than using the imps. It works best on the smaller pipe sizes, on 1 1/8 it likes to walk a little.

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