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    Confused V28

    just wondering if anybody owns any Milwaukee V28 tools and there feed back on them. Had the combo kit when they first came out with them and the one battery died not to long ago, really did not use them all that much. Mabie 30 charges on it.

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    Thumbs up milwaukee

    Firs those batteries have a 5 year or 2000 charge replacement warranty on them

    Yes I own the v28 sawzall, light, and radio. Also I have the v18 impact and hammer-drill. I have not had any problems with any of my milwaukee stuff my batteries seem to last forever and the tools are very durable in-fact one time the back door of my van was left open and as i went around a corner doing about 20 the door swung open and out goes the radio and cooler the radio still works like the day i bought it. thats the best job-site radio imhp.
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    thanks for the info think im going to contact mill for a possible replacement.
    Like your self i have the 4 piece V28 combo along with the V18 impact and drill
    So far I am very happy with the V18 tools. That impact is powerful for its size

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    I had to replace my 28v batteries after a few years, but they sure are good tools.

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