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    1200i convection blower

    Hi Folks,

    I got a real sweet deal on a convection blower for my QF 1200i as mine is starting to whine and I fear that it will need to be replaced soon. I noticed that the new one I got doesn't have what appears to be the fan mounted on the outside end of the motor..

    My existing one has the fan "wheel".. Will I be able to take the the fan wheel off the old motor and put it on the new one? Also, was this supposed to be supplied with the new blower? I haven't really looked close enough yet to see how the wheel is attached to the motor spindle..


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    Red face being thrifty?

    Yep, sounds like you got a deal alright....

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    Did you get an OEM part? Doesn't sound like it. Good luck...

  4. #4 is the OEM part... Motor plus the blower housing..brand new in the box, for 1/4 of the retail price.. Just wanted to know if the fan wheel was easy to replace.. BTW.. I tested it and it runs fine..

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    Well, come to find out, the plastic fan wheel on the old motor slides right off the motor shaft by removing the crimp washer. I then installed it on the new motor and installed the new motor, leaving the original blower housing in place as directed in the replacement instructions (included w/the unit). New motor running fine. No more annoying whinning sound.

    I must say, I think the plastic fan wheel must have been included but was removed at some point for some reason. The box WAS open, but included the retro fit mounting plate and instructions as well as the jumper wires needed for installing the unit on an older model stove.

    Anyway, it's all good.. Thanks for the responses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jloco View Post
    Hi Folks,

    Will I be able to take the the fan wheel off the old motor and put it on the new one?

    Yes, apparently.

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