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Thread: goodman furnace

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    goodman furnace

    dear all
    i have gmp gas furnaces - goodman installed in jordan(50 hz) , i have 2 broblem:
    one furnace after being off , the blower continues to run without stop even if i turn the thermostat to off.

    newly installed machines are not able to start ignition , you feel like the spark give a very week start but will not ignite , this proccess will be repeated without stop ( i mean no block after 3 trials) the green led light is on all the time

    please advice

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    Sounds like the main limit. Have a qualified technician go over the furnace to why that problem has occured.
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    Try to get the installer to come back and correct the problems. You have a number of issues with your furnaces. Wireing-settings-gas pressure and maybe stat.
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    blower running constant, proable a short in control wiring.not igniting is it getting any feul. is the machine set up for 50hz.

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    please.. please post a pic of your set up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinner73 View Post
    please.. please post a pic of your set up.
    I agree will make trouble shot easier.
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