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Thread: Old JCI Parts

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    Old JCI Parts

    I have a customer that has ancient JCI parts. They want to have some back-up parts. I was wondering does anybody know where to get a parts for old NCMs?
    Part # NU-PWR-101-700

    I did a search and mostly saw repair sites.

    JCI no more.

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    Try this link,

    JCI will rebuild almost anything if you are willing to pay for it. I just sent in an old MIG300 and it came back PERFECT ! Contact your local ABCS and see if they can help you.

    It may be less expensive to simply upgrade !
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    Thanks for the link Kelly. They want to upgrade in the future, but their budget is tight right now.

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    Call Gene Casey at International Systems of America. 502-499-9485

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    Provide an email address in your profile.

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    Provide an email address in your profile.
    Sorry about that. Its now updated.

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    Heck try E-Bay, I use to peddle all my used JCI stuff there, and buy new parts there.
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