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    Trane lci-c question

    I have a brand new CVHE chiller, Trane started it today, I tried to start the chiller through the LCI-C, didnt work. I tried hvac_auto and hvac_cool for mode input and an enum 1 and 2 for start stop, the Trane tech said they would have to look at the lci-c with their rover software. I also gave it a cool setpoint and capacity limit %,I changed both values and saw them change on the adaptiview... any thoughts?

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    You can communicate setpoints and auto mode but I would still expect the chiller to control itself based on its progamming. Does the chiller control the pumps? If not, were they running and proving flow? What is the chiller's differential to start? (Differential to start is the number of degrees above setpoint the water temp must be before the chiller will start.) Navigate through the programming and get familiar with what the chiller is supposed to do.

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    Try writing to nviChillerEnable. Not sure what software you are using, but if it is AX you will need and you bring the point into the Jace you will have to bring in both the State and Value because it is a snvt switch.
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