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  1. Gas fireplace pilot light flickers

    Hello, all.

    My ventless gas fireplace is ~5 years old. A couple of days ago the pilot light started to flicker as if wind is blowing on it constantly. The fireplace turns on fine but once it's off, the flickering continues.

    I'm worried that it might be a sign of a problem, and honestly, the sound of the flame flickering is annoying. Any ideas on what could be causing it or how to fix it?



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    Has the fireplace ever been professional serviced? Vent free units should be inspected and serviced by a pro annually.

  3. Not this year. We did have it serviced last year. But that's good to know, thanks. Guess I'll go ahead and schedule to have that done.

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    Good call, it my just need a good cleaning, or the pilot could be getting worn out and needs replacing. I don't know much about vent free units except they can be dangerous if not maintained properly.

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    If you dont think that you are going use it much more this season then just shut it down and have it serviced in the fall. Log sets attract alot of dirt/spider webs/dust throughout the summer. If you think that you ar going to use it though then have it serviced before you use it anymore.

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    It probably needs to get cleaned. Your pilot assembly gets dirty over time.
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