Hi to all the HVAC pros on this site.

I am a homeowner.

I just had a local installer rip my 10 year old 5 ton Goodman builder grade system and replace with 2 separate Bryant Evolution controled variable speed furnaces, and 2 2 stage communicating outdoor units; 4 ton upstairs, 3 ton down (in a 4000 sqft 2 floor house). I specified the furnaces to be 95% and the AC was contracted to be better than 16 SEER, 13 EER as this is what triggers various rebates.

In the process we added a lot of return air intakes all over the house (the old design had only one for the whole house).

Each system is zoned to provide 2 zones.

The evolution damper check complains about the zone 2 on my 3 ton downstairs unit. THe complaint comes after the damper check, but allows us to proceed and seems to work (airflow is huge to zone 2). The error I get is simply "check damper, zone 2". We did this and found it to be reversed in the airflow. We corrected this and it still complains with the same error and the numbers are unchanged.

Stats that the evolution reports on 'boot up' or if I run a damper check

static pressure measured (by the evolution) at .83 inch a 1200 CFM
Zone 1 (most of the downstairs) = 64%
Zone 2 (my office) = 18%
Damper leakage = 18%

My office is 1500 cubic feet of air.

Can anyone with Evolution experience tell me what the system is concerend about with the "Check Damper" error message?

Thank you so much.