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Thread: thermal imagery

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    fantacy tool..
    and good bussiness tool

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    Quote Originally Posted by hearthman View Post
    I'm saving up because the camera I'm told I need is about $12K.
    Which camera is that? And why?

    Raz-IR is a chinese camera. I believe SLP infrared is the US distributor, you could have major problems with service if that comes up. Having it serviced overseas could take forever to get it back. FLUKE & FLIR both have US service centers and they back up their cameras.


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    And where are the Fluke and FLIR products made?

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    Quote Originally Posted by neophytes serendipity View Post
    And where are the Fluke and FLIR products made?
    Fluke is USA made. FLIR is USA and Sweden. Testo-Germany. Mikron-Japan.

    Those are the major players in infrared. All of which have USA distribution and service. Fluke / FLIR are the two best in my opinion for the long wave imagers. Long wave are all the uncooled microbolometer ones you see around. For certain applications short wave cooled microbolometers are required. Nothing you guys would be doing would have that use. Short wave imagers start at 80k. I am currently considering getting a short wave, I could drum up the work load to pay for it inside of a year.

    I own or have owned or used almost every long wave imager that is currently on the market.


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    if i was a business owner i would already have one.

    as far as the cost to own one, i don't se myslef buying one. inless i received a very handsome pay increase
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