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    Need a Set up for Internet /Thermostats controls

    Controls Automation : A/C -Heat
    Got a customer going out the country to live , but leaving his business here .
    I suggested to set up, all thermostats to the web site and he can control it from there at his office, or look at the temp readings .
    He got 4 systems , 2 of them on Zone systems.All Heat Pumps.
    I need direction into this posibility of setting all this up for the future.
    I know about April Aire Thermostats talking to an Home logic system ,but nothingh else about the rest of the story..............
    Where do i go from here?
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    if he has wi-fi -

    try ecobee

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    These guys might have a solution you'd want
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    I would go with what I know. Networkable T-stats to an AX front end and let him access it through his web site (IP modem/router), probably won't be cheap but I'd bet it's a business expense/write off.

    You could go BACnet/LON or N2 for the network to the AX box.
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    Look on ebay, you can find Andover controllers that will do this. I bought an andover cmx-240 and lcx 800's and did this very setup.the lcx 800 act as the thermostats once you program them, and the cmx240 acts as the main controller. you would then connect it to the internet so he could access from anywhere

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