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Thread: Heil 9MPV Noise

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    Heil 9MPV Noise

    I have a newly installed Heil 9MPV gas furnace that has what I can only best describe as a high pitch whistle, It starts as the unit fires and comes up to temp and continues even after the blower kicks in. I hope this is not normal because even though this is not a loud noise the pitch of it allows it to be heard even on the first floor if you are listening for it.
    Of course the builder says this is normal for this unit and I will get used to it.

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    No its not call your Hvac guy out.He will know what to do if not have him call Heil.If its new its under warranty.

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    I was hoping that was the case, Is it correct to assume the only noise I should hear is the sound of the blower.

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