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    Mini Split Question

    A guy I work with just had an Ambiance mini split system installed in a garage conversion. He says the fan runs 7-24 unless the unit is switched off. Cooling or not, the fan runs unless you swith the indoor unit off with the remote control. The condensing unit cycles like it's supposed to, but when the temp is satisfied, the indoor fan still runs. period. I have no experience with these, but it seems odd that somethey sell to be more efficient and "green" would run the fan all the time. There is Zero USEFUL information that came with the unit, and so far, the it's been a game of phone tag with the installer. Does this thing have a wiring /programing issue or is this the way they are supposed to run?

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    All the mini-splits I know of (Mitsubishi,Fujitsu,Carrier etc)operate this way.You can set the fan speed to "auto" and it will vary the fan speed automatically as the unit approaches setpoint temperature.The unit will start of at high speed so as to provide rapid cooling, and as it approaches setpoint it will ramp down to a lower speed.

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    on my Fujitsu mini-split, the fan shuts off when the temperature setting is reached.

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    On my Klimaire it runs all the time, auto or manual.

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