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    went to this house after contractor was sent there by home warranty co.they did the install collected x amount of dollars from h.o. never to be seen again.

    never knew a goodman took a fan center.

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    guy who install that kinda work give good tech a bad name.they also seem to under cut the cost to get the jobs and never finish or do it right. remember HOME OWERS CHEEP IS WHAT CHEEP GETS YOU. or you pay for what you get.Always now this $1.00 cheaper cost you hundreds later.

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    My God, I yhink you just blinded me!It is guys like that that make customers believe that all technicians are out to get them,(and I use the term "technician very carefully, for obvious reasons!).

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    ahhh I see they used one of those new floor mount fan centers. I should stop looking at this section it makes me sick to look at some of this stuff but my morbid curiosity keeps me coming back.

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    Just noticed the date and realized QH is in Hawaii not enjoying himself. Hope that changes. Vacations are rare, gotta enjoy what you can of them.

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    I wish i were in Hawaii..

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