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    1920Tudor with Boiler looking to get A/C & Furnace?

    We just bought a 1920 Tudor in a suburb of Detroit MI. The house is 2 stories with 1500 Sq ft down and 1300sq ft up. The entire first floor is open from the basement and there is room in the attic for a 2nd furnace for the upstairs(don't want to destroy the plaster walls to run new duct work). Pretty straight forward job, New 90+ furnace on 1st floor and 80 on the second with 13 seer a/c's for both.There is no existing ductwork (boiler) so that will all be new as well. I have had estimates ranging from $ for everything using Goodman, to $1 using Lennox? The other variable is the boiler works great (Gas bill is a bit high) would it be smarter to go with just a/c right now and wait out the boiler? Looking for any advice....


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    Consider installing a system that qualifies for the tax credit. So consider a 95% furnace rather than 80% units or a higher efficinecy A/C.

    The installation quality is more improtant that what equipment. The low bid may not only be cheaper equipment, but worse, a poor incompelte installation that has inadequate airflow.

    If you have an existing boiler tha works well and has descent efficincy, you might even consider getting heat pumps and using the boiler as supplemental heat.

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    Not really.

    Will any of the furnaces quoted, qualify for the tax credit.

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    I guess you have steam

    I think you're crazy to loose that for hot air. Spend the money on insulation. Tune up the boiler to max efficency. Save on just getting a split AC system with attic duct work.

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