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    Delta Question


    I'm in the process of figuring out a Delta Orcview 3.30 and DSC 1212E.

    First issue - The OWS (Laptop) is configred as network device #1. I have a issue on the network with this being at that number. How can I change the network of the OWS from Orcview.

    Next - the DSC1212E has a network of 200 and a BACstat of 211. I need to change this network number to 4. Is this done using the DNA? I removed the jumper, changed the software address from 200 to 4. Then I put back the jumper and power cycle the unit. It goes to 4 and then back to 200? With that, I'm doing something wrong - but what.

    And last - I'm trying to bring in a Johnson Controls FEC controller using MS/TP. The Orcview doesn't see it back the JCI NAE does. Again I must not have enbled something in Orcaview for this.

    Thanks for all the help on this.

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    First Off... You should never have a OWS Workstation address at less than 99.. This is just asking for trouble. You can change the workstation address in the windows registry with regedit its under HKY_Local_Machine > Software> DeltaControl > Commander (I think). I recommend you change it to a 5 digit number like 32709.

    A DSC with a single digit address is not recommended as it a system controller and it can have 99 Bacstats or sub controllers below it. Thus when you set the dip switch to two its network address becomes 200.
    if you want the address to stay at 4 don't put the dna jumper back on!

    I would leave the Delta Controllers address alone and change the JCI crap's address to avoid an address conflict

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    You have a conflict because the FEC default to 1 for it's instance number unless it was changed. DID you do the CCT file for it or did someone else download it. ALso the bacnet encoding must be set to ASCII, JCI defaults to unicode.

    I can tell you from experience if the FEC has a netsensor on it that you will not be be able to change the setpoint from the OWS(it is a read only point)AI1106 if i remeber correct. The cct will have to be redone, custom programmed ,to be able to change the setpoint from the OWs and use a netsensor. Also depends on how the setpoint determination is set up.
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