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    Question Tempstar and IRS Rebat

    I am in the process of gathering together quotes to have my AC units replaced. I would like to switch to Heat Pumps and use my existing gas furnaces as backup and I would also like to meet the requirements for the new IRS rebate. Three of the four quotes state that with a 15 SEER Heat Pump and proper coil, I can meet the specs needed to obtain the rebate ( using Carrier or Trane units ). The Tempstar installer says that there is no way to meet the specs of 15 SEER and 8.5 HSPF unless I replace my furnaces with variable speed units. Who is correct ?


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    It is EXTREMELY rare to meet the qualifications without a matched variable speed indoor unit. Hard with Trane to meet them even with!

    Doing a search of Trane heat pumps & coils, NOT ONE will qualify without matched VS furnace. NONE with Carrier either.

    Searching the entire industry, I found 40 matches of various sizes that did reach it, none using the factory coil. All used an Aspen coil and 3rd party coils are just computer simulated so tend to test a bit higher. Nordyne is the only mfr that approves of this, they sell an Aspen coil and will cover it under their Quality Pledge. Fine if you need a 2.5 ton!

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    Tempstar and IRS rebate

    Thanks you very much for the reply. I had a feeling that this was true based on my searches. The Tempstar installer is someone who I know and does excellent work but I could not believe that the other three were telling me something different. I guess I will go with the Tempstar installer and stick with the 13 SEER units dual fuel. I don't think I would recover my costs on a 15 or 16 SEER.


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