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    replacing/retrofitting line set in interior of house


    I'm wondering if anyone has had success or tried to replace/retrofit a line set which was originally run behind the interior walls of the house. About 6 years ago, I had to have the line set replaced in order to get the full warranty for the replacement heat pump from Ruud. The installers ran the line set on the exterior of the house to save time/money and ran it up through the attic gable vent. The look has bothered me ever since and am now contracting someone to replace it on the inside. They've told me that they would run it from the attic down and it would be exposed inside in corner (in closets/pantry,etc.) Although this is better than it exposed on the outside of our brick home, I'm wondering if it's possible to drill new holes from the attic down through the studs and maybe place some kind of PVC pipe or conduit running down through to the bottom floor to help guide the copper set behind the sheetrock and facilitate any replacements in the future. I"m even Ok with cutting some drywall inside the pantry to guide it/drill holes and then put an access cover over it. This to me would look better than a pipe running through closet/pantry. This is approx. a 25' vertical run. The line set is 3/8" x 7/8". Thanks for any suggestions.

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    it can be done as long as you have stud spacing that lines up and don't mind some patching of the wallboard.

    usually its only a matter of $$$$$$$$, and how much do you want to spend.

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    That is a tough one to answer. Im sure you could find someone to try to do this, but you would have to be willing to do some tearing out of your interior walls. Would be very hard to drill all the wall down the interior wall, in my opinion. Would have to cut like a 3" strip all the way up the wall and then have to re-drywall or whatever you have. Especially being 7/8" suction line....A little tougher to work with than a 3/4" line.

    Did they put a lineset hide over the lineset outside? Like a rain-go gutter with a topper and some clamps? Those usually dont look too bad.

    Im sure if your willing to spend the $$$$, a contractor will do it. I would rather have it ran neat outside and covered, then having it in my closet, pantry, or whatever. But that is just my opinion. Plus you will be able to hear the refrid. running in the lines....not like its real loud.....

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    Why not cover the existing one with a "downspout" that matches existing ones?

    As stated,it can be done in the wall,costly,and will require removing most ,if not all of the drywall in it's path.

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    we've done it before, sub out the drywall and incidental carpentry. now you have two people in your pocket. it can get expensive. easiest way is to go back to the original line in the wall and replace. holes are already there, just sheet rock replaced.
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    As Dash said.

    Down spout. Plus you can paint it.

    But, its your house, your money. So yes, it can be done.
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