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    Carrier Controls ?

    I'm just about settled on my new system selctions, but -

    Do the Carrier Infinity's - 25HNA9,6 - all talk on a network (ie, not have normal Y, W, etc. terminals for interconnecting)?

    If I drop down, to Performance, or Comfort (25HPA, 25HCA) do I then get back to regular style control interconnections?

    I will need to interface to an existing AS 90 furnace, and I don't want to get stuck in a control issue where I have to a pitch a good furnace because it doesn't 'talk' Carrier.

    Also, are all of these versions listed TXV types or do they have some version of a flowrater type device (for indoor coil)? Does that TXV normally come with the coil (without being listed seperately on the specs)?

    Thanks guys!
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    Any Carrier guys out there - did I ask the question wrong?

    I read (on another site) about some control engineer removing a 'network module' so he could directly control the HNA unit. I got the impression the HNA's had something (maybe like a version of a 485 network) that all the equipment (including the stats) 'talked' on. I'm hoping to find out if that's true, and/or how far down the 'rebate scale' (HPA, HCA) I have to go to just have 'regular' equipment (R,B,O,Y,W, etc.) Or does the Infinity style have both the network and the regular connections? Any help?

    Thanks anyone!
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    Eventually, a Carrier guy will come a long.

    Its the weekend.

    They may have gone a way for the day or weekend.
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    The 19 SEER 25hna9 needs INFINITY control and will only with ALL INFINITY stuff,you can get a NIM (non-Infinity Module) and use it with an Infinity heater or FE fan coil.
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    HPG is right, the HNA9 needs the infinity control, but the HNA6 can use infinity OR regular thermostat and has both ABCD infinity plug and RCW... etc. terminals.
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    Thanks guys - I kinda need to roll on this before the weather goes either way - it's very mild right now in VA

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