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Thread: Larkin freezer

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    Had a nursing home with a walk-in like that. The thermostat was in series with the coil of the compressor contactor. When satisfied it would break the line to the coil, compressor would shut off. However there is no pumpdown with this method, so the compressor can try and start against a full load.
    This is a good cause of "flooded start" which can damage the compressor. The late Glen Henigan from Copeland did an excellent video about this.
    Next time back, explain this to the customer as this is a Compressor Killer.
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    I can tell you this guy wouldn't have given a $#!t anyway. I've got a bunch of numbers off of the comp. I think it was an "AH" series. It's in the trucl I'll try n post when I get home from class.
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    When the customer starts telling me "no", I just repeat it back to them. "no" I will not warranty the work, or do the work without doing x,y and z.

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    do what you got to do to get it up and running if owner to cheap to make it right put it on ticket make sure it is signed cya. if i walked away from a job because he would not let me do it the right way my boss would have a cow.excluding dangerous situations.
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    First off small boxes should have the gas weighed in. You might have to add a little after that if the system has other problems.

    Now why did the first tech get a call on that box? Something was wrong. I have seen them cycle on thermal when they run in a vacuum. A tech might condemn a compressor that was out on thermal. I would suspect the worst and at least write something on the ticket that says the owner did not want the box repaired, just wanted it to run.
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