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Maybe I should have left the Hyundai comment out. I am, personally, NOT bagging on Hyundai, people. (Rented an Azera once and was amazed by it.) The installer was simply stating his opinion and frankly he's difficult to talk to/deal with so he's out of the running for this job anyway.

I'm not too concerned about brand, just that the unit operates well and - hopefully - for a long time. Sounds like - from these posts - that there's no reason to think that Amana will be any worse than any of the other brands.

I now have some confusion about the size of the unit, however. If all of these guys have been in the HVAC business for 20 years+, come highly recommended by co-workers and friends, and all come up with the same unit size independently and with no input from me, I should still ask them for backup calculations? Normally I'd just assume them to be experts with the same opinion and not question it...

I've been told by almost all of them that the only time they get complaints from customers is when they install a 2 1/2 ton unit instead of a 3 in a home like mine.

Thanks again for all the responses. I appreciate all the advice.
1) Look at upgrading your insulation.
2) Seal all intrusions of outside into the house-there's more than meets the eye
3) Forget brands
4) Have someone in that huge LA area do a load calculation on your abode-not rule of thumb stuff
5) Ask for references
6) Buy a higher end system that fits your budget-comfort is really nice
7) In the mean time, get on here and read read read.
8) Make the call when its time and don't look back