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    Honeywell 7350 thermostat

    We are using the T7350 thermostat, the features includes the occupied an unoccupied mode plus the STANDBY one. but the honeywell manual does not explain very well on how to use it, Do we need an additional sensor to make it work in STANDBY?

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    Standby is just a separate weekly schedule that you can use to run your units. When scheduled to Standby the units will observe the standby heat and cool setpoints.

    Are these on an EMS system?
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    I just read manual. From what I gather, there is occupied , non-occupied - which would be like a vacation mode or night set back. And then there is a stanby mode which is set just a few degrees away from the occupied setpoints. The stat would toggle between the occupied and the standby mode via a motion sensor hooked up to the "M" terminals. Not all T7350s though.

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