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    Oil to Gas Conversion Advice

    I am closing on my 1954 ranch this coming Tuesday, I grew up in apartments so this is my first home and first time owner. I have a week to become as informed as possible so when the HVAC dudes that come to give me quotes etc I don't look at them like I'm clueless.

    Here's what I know we have. The original oil burner from 1954, forced water to baseboards, a separate hot water tank (that the home inspector told me was 9 yrs old) and about 5 sleeve AC's. I've already spoken to National Grid and they have a special running til the end of April where the connection to gas is free (it's already outside the house they said) and they offer a Burnham boiler for $. I asked them about more energy efficient models and they also have a better Burnham for $.

    They told me I need a licensed plumber to connect everything and I'm set. I however am thinking I need an HVAC person if I'm going to either do the central air as well all in one shot or at least plan for it if it's crazy expensive to do now. I am trying to learn about brands/rebates/etc. I've read that the Burnham is a decent unit but is National Grid even giving me a break on it? I think I found it online for a better price. Do I want to just let the installers choose what's best? Then I have my dad telling him his friend had something installed that was wall-hung and supplied both the heat and hot water (I am seeing this on Saturday since dad didn't remember brand names etc.).

    The house is about 1200 sq feet ranch and is in Nassau County NY. Also the basement is same size basically. I just want as much info as possible before I start the process of finding an installer, recommendations, what to avoid, etc? I should really wait til I have the keys and can get more info but I guess I can always post another thread next week (if closing goes smoothly, lol).
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    You seem to be looking for someone on this site to tell you what they think you should do. Good luck.
    If you haven't even got the keys to the ranch yet perhaps the cart is before the horse (in all respect)

    You, when the time is right, need a professional to look at your needs and give you some options. Planing for heating and ac takes just that, a whole lot of planing. There are so many variables that need to be taken into consideration.

    Size of the space to be heated/cooled, heat loss calculations, types of ac systems available,(I gather your ductless with existing radiant heat) extreme temps in your area summer and winter, budget ect ect.

    You really need to find a trustworthy tradesman, perhaps from recommendation, that can lead the way for you in your quest for good reliable system.

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    Questions and discussions pertaining to HVAC for the home. No pricing, no DIY, Thank You.

    Please read Site Rules Thank you.

    Get some prices an options from your local contractors.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    any thoughts on the Embassy Axia wall hung boiler w/ hot water supply??? I saw one today that is feeding two apartments, thing looks nice!

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    Congratulations on the new house. Another happy Long Island Tax Payer.

    Our heating season is winding down so don’t rush your decisions. Get into the house and get a feel for it. Hot rooms, Cold rooms, drafts, noises etc.

    Properly installed HVAC equipment will last a long time but has a high price tag attached. Before buying anything have a Manual “J” Load / Loss calculation done to determine the proper size boiler. (You can click on HVAC Calc above and do your own.) See how the #’s change with additional insulation or better windows and doors.

    Continue doing the research before making a decision.

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    I agree

    If you plan on remodeling and adding insulation, etc. I would do that first. Why get a bigger boiler then you need? Where's your oil tank? Think about the cost of removing or abandoning an underground tank. Your chimney might need lining if you're going to a higher efficency gas boiler. Also think about gas oven/stove/dryer piping.
    Central air might need an electrical service upgrade, unless you cut to gas and drop
    the high amp appliances. Don't rush, the utilities are always running specials to get you to convert.

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