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    Ok heres the plan. We build world's largest icemachine in a tourism desolate area of North America. Geothermal defrost (all the bells and whistles). Hopefully paid for by Federal Grant. 60 tier energy efficient behemoth. The harvest would be measured similar to the rate of glacial movement. Being as we're all kinda busy, I suggest we employ the finest Sheet metal Techs to fabricate a reasonable facsimile of 'Lord Stanley's Cup'.
    Suspension,hanging,contorting,affixing and any or all connection of pipe to be performed by Union hopefuls(probate, full time maintenance upon completion). Connections and/or startup to be performed by Secret Society of Fridge Techs. Due to the extreme uncontrolled control conditions, the controls will be controlled by the least uncontrollable yet most in control controller. Suff'ice' it to say that the the next step is endorsment,t-shirts,networks,yadayada.Annual ice harvest playoffs will create revnue as teams hopeful to scribe their name upon icemakin's holy grail compete (3- 20 min. cycles) to create the largest measurable heatsink mass. Of course the growth rate of this unit will transform climate, and create new economic terms. Those familar with astromomic and exponential will embrace the 'geometric' growth of the 'Ice fund'. Surpassing all their wealthiest dreams and being the first to afford the only climate controlled neighbourhood on the planet. Anyhow must go more later! LOL.

    Watts New, Ohm My, I been Electrically Commutated. Are U2.

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    Is the first ice making cycle going to usher in the next ice age? Or will the first harvest melt the polar caps?

    I think the potential for collateral damage is too great to go forward with this project at this time.

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