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    Smell / Odor from New Frigidaire Refrigerator

    Hi, I hope the pros can help me.

    My new Frigidaire refrigerator was delivered and plugged in on Mar 18, 2009. The following day I immediately smelled something when the compressor (I think that's what it is) was running. At first the odor was sort of something burning and then turned to something hard to describe. I thought it must be because it's new but I've had new fridges before and they didn't smell like this one.

    I finally called the service tech since the smell has started to bother me - made me light headed. The tech came yesterday (3/25/09) and opened the back and said nothing is burned. He didn't smell anything and said refrigerants don't have any odor and if it's leaking, the fridge will finally not cool down.

    But there is this smell everytime the compressor is running. What do you think it is?

    What should I do? Can refrigerators be returned? What are my options?



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    Is the smell inside ???If it has a freezer section possibly something on the electric defrost element when the unit goes into defrost .If the smell is on the outside just when the compressor is running might possibly be something on the current relay at the compressor who knows if it pursist call em back you don't want the damn thing catching fire .It's not normal for any smell to come out of the unit .What about rodents ?? I had a mouse in one and everytime the unit started the fan on the back started up puffing out one hell of an odor . Get a professional back out to check it!!
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    Yes, the smell is from the outside when the compressor is running for a while. I don't think any rodent got in there.

    Another technician from another company is coming today. I'll keep opening the door to be sure the compressor has been running for a long time when he gets here. I just hope he has a keen sense of smell.

    I'll mention to him about the current relay at the compressor / catching fire.


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    So what was the problem? Problem solved

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    No, the problem has not been solved. I have had 3 techs check the fridg but unfortunately the smell wasn't that strong when they were here.

    I have called Electrolux (the parent co.) and was told I cannot return it because the techs did not find anything wrong with it. Told me to call a another tech (the third one).

    I'm still trying to find out other options I can take. I guess I can sell it at a loss.

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    did they check the Timer... ?

    when the heater is on , you will smell something burning ..

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    Frigidaire model #FRS6L9FSSE I've recently had a customer with a similar odor complaint on her fridge; she described it as an asceptic smell or that of a chemical nature altho I was unable to smell anything unusual nor her husband... Her female friend smelled it as well and said it gave her a headache... Must be the women have a more sensitive schnauzer than the guys... I've been researching online for anything related to this complaint and this is the first one I've come across... Do post back if a culprit is discovered please...

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    Have the tech look at the condensor coil and see if is coated with some type of paint or other coating. The coil gets hot and has a fan that pulls air through it. Perhaps the paint or coating is burning off.

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