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    If it works with this price

    This is only 4.8 volt model but its listed for under $30. so if it works it will definitely be worth it. here is the link..
    if the link is not working item# 95633-3VGA
    and u may have to add flexible hose let me know your experience if u buy it

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    Talking plews

    If you go to ebay and type in Plews cordless grease gun, you should get a couple of mathes. I bought one of these a couple of years ago and this thing works great. Has saved me many of times.

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    Northern tool buy the 14v one, my dad has it and likes it.
    Still learning opinions welcome.

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    Remove the alemite fitting from your grease gun.Throw the hose or bent pipe that came with the gun away. Get in black pipe two 6", one 2", one 3" inch nipple, one coupling and two 90's

    Assemble six inch nipples together with coupling, next thread 90', 2" nipple, 90', and 3" nipple. Thread the Alemite fitting on to the end of the 3" nipple. Thread assembly onto your grease gun. You now have an assembly you can turn & twist to grease almost any fitting, using one hand. Also with it turned so it forms an upside down "U" a hanger for your grease gun.
    I only have to make it work till I retire.

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