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Thread: Low Bid Install

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    like some thing out of frankinstien

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    Thats the craziest thing ive ever seen. you should get a prize for that photo ,

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    WOW!! That is beyond hacked.

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    How did you get on my roof?
    "The value of quality is long rembered after the thrill of low price is forgotten."

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    Thumbs down

    You get what you pay for

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    First off, I'd like to take my hat off to the crane operator who lifted this Twenty First Century State of the Art Technology through the sky and set it gently in place. Keeping the chillers on top of the main turbine without them sliding off....just marvelous. I'm sure your crane company will appreciate all the free advertising you will get, once this mechanical engineering firm publishes all the pictures they took on this lift to their website. Moments like this make CEO's proud.

    I apologize, I've just been informed by the engineers this is first generation FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGY, I stand corrected....boy aren't we lucky.

    Secondly, I'd like to congratulate the craftsmen who obviously came across the big pond being our tradesman in the USA could not possibly have honed their skills enough to pull off this feat. The logistics to bring this job in must've taken a SUPER COMPUTER.

    Thirdly, I'd like to get a copy of the start-up procedures to pass along to NATE so they can incorporate them into their FUEL CELL CERTIFICATION. I understand the charging procedure for this new technology will be called SUPERCOOL.

    Fourth, to the city inspectors, mayor and media who were at this ground breaking event. The P/R and Branding it will bring this start-up company will be proven in history as a pivotal moment. I'm sure they are destined to be a public company on the OTC board. For those of you who intend to follow this up and coming corporation, I've been told their stock ticker symbol will be jake.ob. I’m sure the tax abatement package they received will help tremendously.

    Fifth, the IQ involved, the interpretation of the codes, must have absolutely overwhelmed them, but I do see they got the timbers under the units correct. Thanks to the Uniform Mechanical Code, the citizens should not be afraid to convert to this new breed of technology. In doing so, we will reap the benefits of not having to increase the capacity of our electrical grid. I was told the crew assembling this new technology was proudly listening to Bruce Springsteen’s song “Born in the USA”, trying to get a feel for pride in this accomplishment.

    Sixth, Progress, isn’t it sweet, get me away from the XLi19’s, Weathermakers, Commercial, Ice machines, Walk-ins, Chillers, Boilers, I want my NATE FUEL CELL CERTIFICATION so I can be part of progress.

    I apologize, the engineers have just informed me the temporary clerk got the pictures switched, and this is a commercial REMEDIATION JOB…darn. I spent all this time trying to bring you up to date on Fuel Cell Air Conditioning. Again I apologize. I guess the timbers weren’t a factor after all, and here I thought it was correct interpretation, my fault.

    I truly feel this crew deserves to be awarded the JAKE CUP trophy for this milestone.

    Thanks to Don and this forum, we truly can have Late Night entertainment. Keep the pictures coming guys……………….In stitches here.

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    Confused WoW!

    Even at 10 yrs old I new better.
    Who is more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows the fool? Obi-wan Kenobi

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