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    signal, Network 8000, Email Alarm

    Can Signal send out an email if it recieves an alarm from a Network 8000 that contains the information in the alarm from the Network 8000? I need for the computer running the Signal software, to send out an email when it recieves an alarm from a specific network 8000. Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I really want to say 'no way'. I just called them because the the alarm handler in Signal can't even bring up the text message in the GCM alarm. A GCM can dial a pager with a numeric message and that's about it. There is some kind of DDE exchange but Signal is so old I don't know if you can get it to cooperate. You can buy a seperate device like people use for flooding or heat failures in their cabins and program an output to go to that device and dial out a voice message. Signal was way ahead of it's time bit that time has passed. Keep us posted what you find.

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