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    Carrier vs. Tempstar

    I have two estimates on a Carrier and one estimate on a Tempstar and can't decide which to go with. The Tempstar person spent 15 minutes at the house and the Carrier dealer right at 2 hours so I do feel more comfortable with the Carrier dealer and they have been around since 1979.

    The Carrier estimate with a 5 ton Comfort Series 410-A with a 14 SEER rating with an 80AFUE furnace rating. The estimate is minimally higher than the Tempstar unit.

    The Tempstar is also a 5 ton 14 SEER unit. I have heard of Carrier, but not Tempstar. Is the Carrier worth the less than 5% difference? I really think the Tempstar estimate is probably high because it seems there should be more of a difference in price from what I have been researching. Should I get another Tempstar estimate?

    I also have a Carrier estimate for a 16 SEER 4 ton unit which qualifies for the $1,500.00 gov. rebate for 2009, but it is 40% higher!!! I probably can't afford this unit unless you guys tell me I will recoup the difference quickly in energy bill savings.

    Thanks for any help.

    Sorry, Wrangler for listing prices - thanks for pointing that out.
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    Wow, I hope those prices are with complete duct work. Has anyone done Manual-J? Five tons is alot of cooling.


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    Residential HVAC Questions and discussions pertaining to HVAC for the home. No pricing, no DIY, please read Site Rules

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    Go for the higher SEER rating and the rebate, difference will only be $1500.00 after the rebate. The equipment will probably pay for itself in 4 - 6 years due to lower utility cost, that will depend on many variables from your area and around the country.

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    No Prices Allowed

    You should remove prices as it is not needed if you want to make a proper assement to which company you should choose. To many times people make decissions based on price and then regret that decission when the job is done. The best advice I can give you is go with the company you can trust. Carrier and tempstar are made at the same factory but do have difference in design innovation. Carrier is aliitle better unit, but tempstar is not bad. I like the idea that the Carrier dealer spent the right amount of time and the tempstar dealer should have at least spent 45 more minutes to do proper assement of sizing of equipment (heat loss/heat gain), ducts sizing ( very important with 5 ton because of CFM needed) Make sure ducts are not to small, time to listen to your comfort needs and existing problems. These are just a few important things. Good Luck!

    PS-No one on here can tell you if you are getting a good deal or getting ripped off. You would need to see the job in order to make that assement.
    Do it right the first time.

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    First, always find out what tonnage the duct system & air handler will deliver.

    Have a heat-gain heat-loss load calc performed.

    A residential 5-ton system takes a lot of large ductwork.
    Ask them to test & verify the deliverable airflow with the present system & what the new system will actually need & deliver.

    A 5-ton usually requires at least two extra large filter racks, exterior to the air handler, on the Return Air.

    If you only have airflow for a 4-ton system, that is all the 5-ton will deliver.

    If you click on [ udarrell ] there is a link that will provide some required information to share with the contractors.

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