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    Broken dual run capacitor, label unreadable(rusted)

    Motor fan works with 370vac 5mfd but i couldn't find anything about mfd at the compresssor label(Copeland CR42K6-PFV-130), for now I installed a 370vac 60mfd 5mfd(it's working) but I just want to be sure that is the proper size or not(compressor is kind of noisy). This outdoor unit is a DUCANE AC10B48-A(4 Ton).
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    Call Copeland
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    Sorry, this is not a DIY site. So we are not allowed to give out DIY advise of this nature.
    So answering your question in the open Residential Forums would be posting DIY instruction for DIYers that may read this post later.

    If your in the trade, get your post count up to 15, and apply for Pro Membership.
    Once accepted, you have access to the pro tech forums. Where you can ask and get answers to technical questions.

    Plus, you also have access to the Pro Education Forums.

    All of it is free.

    For your protection, I removed your name and EPA cert number.

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