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    Century Fireplace Furnace - Anyone know?

    Hi -- We are remodeling, and part of our remodel plans include adding a fireplace to the house (there is none now). We want the fireplace to look like a fireplace, but we also want it to be extremely high-efficiency (i.e., beautiful AND practical). Someone who seems to know what he's talking about recommended we go with a Century Fireplace Furnace:

    I haven't been able to find any information or reviews online outside of their website, so I thought I'd try this forum to see if any of you have an opinion of them.

    Thanks in advance!
    Tamara (Lawrence, Kansas)

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    Exclamation be careful

    Tamara, the fireplace you referenced was "tested" to UL 127 and 391----it doesn't say it passed. There is NO mention of being "listed" in the instruction manual, therefore this appliance would not be permitted to be installed anywhere the IRC is enforce. Furthermore, I see this unit requires the chase to be drywalled with a grille designed to dump hot chase air back into the room. This is a scary prospect. The "gas burner" referenced sounds like a typical ANSI Z21.60 vented logset, which requires the damper to be wide open. This would not provide much heat and certainly would not "eliminate" your power bills. Beware of absurd claims by mfrs.

    I recommend you check out an EPA certified fireplace/ stove such as the (Hearth&Home Technologies or HHT) Quadrafire 7100i/ Heatilator Constitution/ Heat&Glo Northstar. There are some other really nice brands out there, too such as the Security BIS (built in stove) and more. You want something that is listed, EPA Phase II certified for emissions and backed by a stable mfr. with a good warranty. I know HHT will be around in spite of this recession since they are on a cash basis and have no major long term debt.

    Beware of claims to heat and entire house, much less the 3 car garage, too. What are they proposing--run ducts into the garage???? That's against the IRC and very dangerous! You must set realistic expectations.

    Talk to a stove shop that has NFI Certified Wood Technicians and Salespersons. Do your homework.

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    We have had good luck with the Napoleon NZ series FP. Also, check to see wich units will qualify for the tax credits.

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    Regency also has a 'Heat Wave' duct system on several models that will allow you to deliver heat to other rooms or other areas of the same room. It's not meant to be a whole-house heating system but works well as supplimental/space heating.
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    Thank you, JBCat, GasGuy, & Hearthman. I felt uncomfortable with the fact that I couldn't find ANYTHING else about them online. I mean, if they're so great, people would know about them, wouldn't they?! Anyway, that was my thinking. I've been doing research on other fireplaces that DO have user reviews online, and I think I've fallen in love with RSF's Delta 2 Bay Window Fireplace. Wow. When I saw its picture, it took my breath away. It seems to have the perfect mix of beauty and efficiency. :-) Any thoughts on it? Thanks, Tamara

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    Century Fireplace Furnace

    I am in your area and have distributed the Century Fireplace for more than 30 years. I am in your area often. Contact me for a full package of literature and details, at Thanks.

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