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    Heat pump coils over gas furnaces

    Hey - looking for voices of experience here.

    I think I understand why these coils need to be above the HX, but then are there installation or selection techiniques that help prevent coil condensed water from reaching the outside of the HX or other parts with an upflow furnace?

    Would an A or a slab coil be better for drainage when directly above/attached to furnace?

    Would it be better to move down duct away from the furnace horizontally, or maybe offset the drainpan area to that side a bit, for longevity if a problem with drainage does arise?

    High ceiling garage space, duct arrangement space is not a concern. I would rather spend a few more $ now rather than $100's more later to have work done over.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Generally, the vertical angle of the coils are such that water will not drip directly off the coil fins, rather flow down the coil to the drain pan at the coil perimeter. The most improtant thing is to make sure the coil is leveled and the drain piping is installed correctly (sloped toward drain).

    Coils are designed to be mounted directly to the furnace. Normally a transition is not needed.

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