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    Info on Dehumd Method of Comfort Sense 7000


    I had selected Honeywell IAQ's for my new system, but Lennox's new promotion would provide me a considerable rebate if I go with their Comfort Sense 7000 Tstat. Too good to pass up.

    I had selected the IAQ, because based on my reading and this site, it can slow down the blower and provide better dehumidifying control vs just overcooling.

    I will be going with the XC14, G60UHV (variable speed) - but I can't find any info on what the CS7000 does to dehumidify.

    I found a vague comment in the CS7000 install guide that stated: "This is used to reduce the speed of the indoor blower during dehumidification." However it goes on to state setting it up in "precision" mode will provide maximum overcool up to 2 degrees over setpoint.

    Can any pros comment if the CS7000 does indeed automatically slow down the blower speed, or does it simply overcool to meet the humidity setting?


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    Depends on how it's set up. But, while cooling, during a dehumidification call, the blower speed will drop to allow for more humidity removal. With a 2-stage unit, it bumps the compressor to stage 2 with a low airflow to remove a lot of humidity out. Lennox also gives you the ability to have the thermostat to control humidity in the same way independently of a cooling call. It's all in the G60UVH installation manual.

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