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    Reliable MACH-ProComm Device Limit

    Does anyone know what the maximum amount of MS/TP devices is that I can hang off a MACH-ProComm? The documentation appears to be confusing, and eludes to a 'subnetwork' of MS/TP.

    It seems I can hang up to a max of 125 devices on the Main MS/TP network. Can I put more on there or is that the limit?

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    As I recall 125 is the limit, there also in a physical wiring limitation which is 4,000 feet . 125 elements on a single 4,000 foot bus sounds kinda scary.

    Any MachProComm can be configured to use the spare rs-485 port as to create a subnet with another 125 elements, (125 x 125 = 15,625 elements in theory). If you have more then say 50 I'd recommend that because it segments the bus communication keeping it cleaner and faster.

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    Do you mean the Auxillar IO port can be changed to MSTP? I guess this is different than the ProSys, which reserves that port for Expandable IO devices...

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    The Mach-ProCom aux com port can be configured as:
    1)I/O Port
    2) Bacnet Sub B - MSTP
    3) RCP Sub B
    4 Modbus

    You need version 2 or higher of RC Toolkit.

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