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    Not to "buck" the trend.

    In 2010, R410A get s a huge surge in demand. A great reason for the manufacturers to raise its price.

    R22, see's a huge drop in demand, a reason for its price to stabilize.
    Recycled R22 will be out, more then it is now, another reason for R22 prices to stabilize.

    If, any of us, were really good at predicting futures. We wouldn't be speculating for free in this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamoke View Post
    R410a is reported to be 5% more efficient than R22, thats why. I might also add that R22 is being phased out and the price is already rising steeply, so any new R22 systems installed today will find it hard to compete 5 to 10 years down the road when they start needing repairs.
    Given the same coils and airflow and capacity, only the refrigerant, TXV and compressor being different, 410a would be more efficient than R22 in THAT system. But no refrigerant is more efficient than any other per se. These are two different contexts.

    A 13 SEER 410a system is exactly as efficient as a 13 SEER R22 system, hypothetically speaking. That report has been one of the most misquoted things I've seen here. It has value for the manufacturers, because it means they can use smaller coils and a smaller compressor--equals less expense on thier part--equals more profit. It means absolutely nothing to the homeowner however.
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