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    Dual Fuel vs Heat Pump

    My contractor is suggesting that I not use a dual fuel system (high efficiency heat pump w/natural gas backup) due to the higher investment in the dual fuel versus the heat pump w/backup strips.

    My new home is in Chattanooga where we have a mild climate, will be 2700 sq ft (up and down), all brick, lots of windows and built to the strictest energy efficiency codes. The local power company is offering incentives.

    I did a quick calculation using the local TVA's web site and see that the annual heating/cooling costs are virtually the same with or without the gas furnace as a backup.

    What do you all think?

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    If the dual fuel, won't have a pay back in 10 years.

    Then I would probably just use a heat pump with electric back up.
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    I'm assuming you have a heat pump now? or Furnace? A 2 stage 80% furnace and a VS air handler are fairly close on price. The installtion costs depending if you currently have gas lines run to the install location or for a heat pump you need to have an electrical circuit for the heat strips. Now a 95% furnace however cost more to install and likely costs mroe thna a VS air handler.

    Most of TN I think has pretty low electric rates. You likely won't save much with dual fuel anyway.

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    One thing that makes all electric homes cheaper around here is cost to have a meter. On top of the gas you use, I think we're at $20 a month just for the meter. I'd think in TN if starting from scratch I'd want all electric.

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    I appreciate the input. I used TVA's energy calculator and found that a heat pump vs gas are coming out even as far as operating costs. With natural gas going up, up and up, I don't see the reason for an additional investment in a gas furnace.

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