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    Heat Pump Selections

    Hi -I could use some advice.

    Replacing - Richmond, VA - 2 - 21 year old yorks (2 and 2 1/2 tons) that did the job. (I've been nursing YorkGuard IV cards for 15 years, accumulator joints are finally rusting through).
    House to be sold whenever market recovers - 1-2 years more of my ownership.
    I like a cold house - less than 70 - in the summer. (Old fat guy)
    Will be building another - so advice will apply there, also later
    Tax credit is a consideration for this existing house.

    Before selecting contractors and the like....

    I'm debating two more cheap units against a single one that modulates somehow. The duct work lines up well floor to floor.

    What are the methods of modulating, the relative efficiencies at low/hi, and lifetimes of those methods? I see "2 stage" in pamphletes, for each type (scrol / recip) would that be speed reduction by electrical supply, unloading, or mechanical stages, or what? Without discussing price, do the supposed effiecencies override the investment? Would two more simple cheap units, staged together be a better idea?
    I'm thinking once I pay upscale to get the credit, I've already bought a fancy control system for the high seer, and the size increases would be less than the 'style' change.

    Any thoughts?

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    The scroll unloads.
    The Bristol TS reverses rotation.

    Stay with 2 units. Each with their own independent stat.

    You can get higher efficiency in single stage equipment also.
    Contractor locator map


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    Nordyne's variable capacity unit isn't out yet. Not sure how fast zoning will be allowed once it is.

    Beyond that you have a choice of models that run 50%/100% staging or the unloading scroll which is around 75% or more on low. Bryant & Carrier use the Bristol TS dual capacity compressor while A-S/Trane use twin compressors. Actually now Rheem has a dual scroll heat pump, not sure if on the market yet or not.

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