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    Understanding the vaccum switch

    I'm having the techs comeout to check my furnace next week (don't really need heat anymore so I'm not calling them out on the weekend - I can wait).

    Ruud 80% Gas Fur (UGLG-05EAUER).

    Since its a hit or miss with the type of tech we get (meaning that they either get right to the problem or take me for a ride), I like to have a understanding of what's wrong. I've had the experience of them killing me with labor over just a ignitor (I'm talking hours). The ignitor is pretty new, I'm expecting it be something else.

    Here is what I'd expect. They come out, put a voltmeter on the ignitor, see that its not getting volts (which means that the ignitor might be good), they then move to the vaccum switch. There are two clips on it, I'm assuming they'd jump those then check to see if the ignitor is getting current. Am, I right or am I all wet? Is that what a typical check would be on no flame? I understand that if its not the ignitor and/or the vaccum that the problem could be anything. I'm just expecting the easiest things to be checked first.
    I'm assuming that an open vaccum switch would not let the ignitor glow - is that right?

    I just want to be ready if they come back an tell me it took them 4 hours to determine it was the vaccum switch.


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    I think that what you are asking for is a lot of technical information that we really can't give on this forum.

    If you are that distrusting of your service tech/company, I would suggest another.

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