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    Furnace housing raising mech rm temp?

    I am a low-voltage contractor, not HVAC. We are installing an equipment rack full of high-end sensitive electronics in a mechanical rm that must have a reasonable ambient temperature to function reliably. The room is about 72 sq ft with an 8' ceiling and it turns out we will be sharing it with an American Standard 2-stage gas furnace rated at up to 114,000 BTU/hr with both stages running. The furnace is rated at 95% AFUE, but that doesn't tell me how much heat it is likely to radiate into the mechanical room. Is there any way to determine this, or am I worrying about nothing? Ventilation for the room can be sized as needed.


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    I've never seen a BTU loss rating on a hot air furnaces jacket.

    Depending on how well it is sized to the building, it may heat up that room a lot, or not.

    If I had to guess. I'd say around 2,000 to 3,000 BTUs. if the duct work is sized right.
    5,000+, if the duct work is under sized.

    Is the duct work insulated.
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    open furn blower door
    turn off furn
    use heat off electronics--

    probably, the heat off electronics will be controlling factor!!

    better get HVAC pro to help!!!

    how many BTU/H from electronics?
    how cooled?
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    That is probably going to cause problems with room overheating during the heating season. The combined heat from the furnace and the electronic equipment will make it real toasty in there. The room will most likely require some type of mini split system designed to run at low amb conditions. I would get a HVAC company involved BEFORE the electronics are installed in the furnace room. Best solution may be another location.

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