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    Honest feedback. Trying to ease my mother's fear (central air)

    My mother recently asked me to call a few contractors and get quotes for the installation of a central air system into her home. It's a small one floor 1100sqft ranch. My father passed away this year and she wants to keep the windows locked at night through the summer and despises window based units.

    She used a contractor that had installed a couple of systems for other people I know and who had no complaints. We know nothing about these systems other than the end result being cool dry air. They installed a Goodman system (i don't know the tonnage) and it's rated a 13seer. My mother was reading the energy sticker and got worried since this was on the lower end of the efficiency scale.

    My question is the unit going to handle the light duty use this system will get in the northeast in a home with only person living there? as well, leaving bia's aside like chevy vs ford. Is Goodman an ok unit. I know it may not be the best, but I'm hoping it will do the job.


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    As long as it was professionally installed by a competent HVAC contractor, it should do just fine.

    Goodman has a 10 year warranty, parts only.

    Make sure that the contractor registers the equipment on Goodman's website:

    You can register it yourself. You need the model #s and serial #s of the condenser (outdoor unit) and air handler (indoor unit).

    Don't worry. Be happy.

    Take care.

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    How about effciency? Is this going to use a lot of electricity?

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    In a small house, 13 SEER may be the best bet. Unless the electric rates are outrageous, probably won't make much diff on the bill. May even be less than lower efficiency window shakers.

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    I agree with all of the above

    The equipment is fine, sounds like Mom doesn't like it too cold, so it probably won't run much.

    I am a firm believer in digital thermostats better temp sensing, etc

    They also have a short cycle protector that I find adds years of life to an a/c system

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    Goodman is a good brand, not the best of course but a good brand. I've had no problems with them in the last 7 years that I have installed them. If this was 10 years ago that 13 seer would be listed on the high end of that scale, back when 10 seer was the norm. So you can tell mom not to worry, it will serve her needs just fine for years to come.

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