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    Keep it out of the crawl if you can. I can promise any future service needed will be less than 100% given by the tech since most crawls are not an easy place to service/repair.

    We charge a few more $$ on repairs if in attic or crawl do to time to get ladder out or extrat time to crawl the space etc...

    Depending on geographic region, humidity may be an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigdog8 View Post
    Currently building a new home and my HVAC contractor wants to put the gas furnance in the crawlspace. What are the positives and negatives by doing so. My crawlspace is about 6 blocks high where he wants to put it with a crawlspace door with in 8 feet of unit.
    if this is a new house, why not put in a boiler system? they can hang on the wall in a closet so they don't take much room and if it's installed right you won't even know it's working. i personaly like hydronic heat better than forced air mainly because of that reason, and i find it more comfortable. just a thought.

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    have the builder build an extra closet (inside the house) for the airhandler

    it does not use up that much space

    if i ever build another house, thats what i would do


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