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    Question Vent Proximity to Bedroom Window

    Hi there folks, I have a quandary: My HVAC installer is determined to install a horizontal pvc vent/intake about 3 - 4 feet from a bedroom window because it is an otherwise ideal location due to the way the floor joists run and some other structural constraints like a nearby brick fireplace. This bedroom is a desirable bedroom for my forthcoming "bun in the oven", but the idea of any fumes leaking back in at all will absolutely count that room out. I don't know if I can ever fully trust the room with an exhaust pipe so close.

    So I have a few questions:

    • In your experience, have you noticed any appreciable seepage of exhaust back in to the house with a reasonably well (and new) sealed window?
    • How long can a pvc exhaust pipe be? I may want to route the pipe the long way to the side of my house, but there will be a few bends to get it done. In total the length would need to be about 20 feet.
    • From what I can tell, code says 12" clearance from the window and 12" above the ground. I feel like this implies that HEFs have relatively safe/clean exhaust. Is this true?

    I expect the prevailing easterly breeze to dispurse the exhaust plume pretty quick, but I just can't get over an exhaust pipe termination so close to living/sleeping quarters.

    I'd love your thoughts and opinions

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    Its not a problem on average construction homes.

    If the window leaked like a sieve, it could be.

    As far as length, varies with brand and size of furnace.
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    In the winter most people will sit in a idling car with an exhaust pipe within 3 feet of a window.

    I don't blame you for having concerns. Ask the installer if it's possible to terminate it on another wall or further from the window.

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    i agree with the car exhaust analogy, the gases from the furnace are a lot cleaner than from a car and will disperse fairly quickly in the atmosphere. If your window is relatively new and in good repair then you should have no worries.

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    we have been installing 90% furnaces for many years, as long as the install instructions are followed you will not have any problems with 3-4' to a window.

    depending on the install many of them are as close as 1' and no problems.

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