Duct cleaning repair
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    Frown Duct cleaning repair

    Went to a house today and when i got there the owner was complaining that there was a lot of dust coming out of his vents. Went up to take a look and found one of the flex ducts on the return was torn loose. Told the owner the problem and gave him the cost estimate to repair. He said he had just had his ducts "Professionally" cleaned and they must have done the damage. He said he would get them to fix it.The owner told me who the company was and I explained here in Florida these "Professional" duct cleaning outfits are the same guys who clean carpets. I went on to explain that they do not have the license required to make the repair. Owner didnt care. I have learned not to argue and to just leave.
    I have been to houses where these companies remove the covers off the air handler and clean the coil.
    I am thinking about filing a complaint with the local licensing board but am probably wasting my time.
    Have any of you ran into this type of thing and what have you done?

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    Yep there or lots of bad company's out there that give the good guys a bad name.

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    i was born under a wandrin star.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dracorp2 View Post
    I went on to explain that they do not have the license required to make the repair.
    A person needs a license to replace/repair a piece of flex? Does it have to be inspected also? Interesting.

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    Have read that many times! He must have gone behind some of the jack legs out there. The return pic is very common for most homes.

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