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    are you gonna try the fattie this weekend?
    I think I am
    been thinking bout em ever since you posted this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by viceman View Post
    this is what i'm talking about

    never did one before. i'm looking to do something different. i've done the brisket, ribs, butt thing to death.
    That looks great
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    yeah i'm definately doing one this weekend. i just picked up the fixins.

    i have a bradley smoker.

    check out the forums. there are some serious meat eaters on there.

    i used to have a charcol smoker and i gave it away after i used this thing once. people gripe about having to but the "hockey pucks" but it is super easy to use with great results and you don't have to baby sit the thing.
    i can throw stuff in there before i go to bed and its ready the next day.

    here is a link to a recipe site.

    i made tha ABT's and thet were unbelieveable. i will have them in there everytime i turn this thing on.
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    Yes sir, Looks great I'll try a couple this weekend.

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    i have a Boston butt in the freezer begging for a nice Sunday to get smoked..cloudy and cold today. i use the good eats recipe and the home made smoker...mouth is drooling

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    LOL! I use to roll fatties but quit a long time ago. Eating too much pork fat is bad for you.
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