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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamoke View Post

    Any way, I think you did ok with this guy as long as he keeps his promise to come back and does not charge you again to do so.
    What do you think is a reasonable time for a HVAC contract to come back to top up the freon? Can the manufacture provide me with some assistance? For example, can the manufacture send out another HVAC company to complete the work or would this only screw things up more as one contractor will be blaming the other for any future problems.

    FYI, he has not come back and has ignored my phone calls. It has been over 2-weeks.

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    The manufacturer, won't pay another company to come out.

    Using another company, can lead to finger pointing if something breaks down later.

    He may have been busy thses last 2 weeks and not have had time to come back yet, on the couple days it was above 50.
    He should have returned your phone calls though.
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    I have to say this.
    On a NEW install where the exact lineset length is known, cold weather charging is not a problem... has the tech never heard of heating the bottle? most homes have a bathtub or sink with hot water in them...
    all systems I've installed have a charging chart included with the install instructions that tell exactly how much additional charge to put in with lineset length by size of lines.
    if he has a scale, and a source of warm water to heat the bottle, or a bottle warming blanket, weighing in the charge according to manufactures specs is not difficult.

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