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    New System Questions

    Hi All -

    I appreciate all of the information on the site - it has provided a lot of honest information for someone that does not work with HVAC on a daily basis. With the tax credit, we are looking to upgrade our furnace - we currently have a Bryant 90 that is about 22 years old (AC is at least that old - not sure of the brand). Because cost is a big issue, at first we thought we would go with the 95+ furnace to qualify for the rebate and leave the AC as is. Now I am wondering if it would make sense to look at an 80+ VS furnace paired with a heat pump that would qualify for the credit. Obviously its more money but may be the most cost effective way of killing two birds with one stone. Does it make sense to pair a heat pump with an 80+ furnace?

    We live in northern Ohio - I would say the heating season is 6 months out of the year with the coldest running for 3 months.

    Not sure if this enough information - thanks for your input.

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    With the PVC flues in place for the current 90 it would make sense to stay with a 95% furnace then consider a HP as well for the lowest possible bills.

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