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    American Standard Heat Pump/Air Handler model #'s needed...

    I have narrowed my selection down to a Trane system with the following models number:

    Air handler 4TEE3F40B1000A
    Heat Pump 4TWX5030A1000A
    Heater BAYHTR1415BRKC
    TStat TCONT803

    Was told the Handler is a 3 ton unit with Variable speed motor, the Heat Pump is a 2.5 Ton unit XL15i, and the Heater is a 15KW. I was told this system qualifies under the new tax credit??? Is that correct?

    My current service company sells American Standard and from this site I hear that Trane and AS are basically the same but under different branding. If that is so I am looking for the model numbers of the AS units equivelant to the Trane system above.

    Also if anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. I am replacing my broken RUUD system in the first floor of my home. I have had ten bids and have narrowed it down to 3 companies two that sell Trane and one that sells American Standard, and that is only based on the conpany not the products they carry. I feel these were the companies that were looking into the greater need of my family.

    Thanks Jeff

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    American Standard numbers-
    4TEE3F40B1000A (same - FYI this model is 2 - 3.5 tons)
    ACONT803 (I suggest you look at the VisionPRO IAQ - better humidity control)

    Yes the setup qualifies for the tax credit. Yes, American Standard and Trane are mechanically the same. But, look at the warranties. I think you'll find the XLi warranty from Trane to be attractive - 10 years on all parts.

    Good that you found a company looking out for your needs. Did they determine sizing properly with a load calc? Determine ductwork was adequate? Offer any upgrades, like a 4-5" filter? See recommendation above on the VisionPRO IAQ from Honeywell. Same look, touchscreen thermostats, but can slow blower down to dehumidify if set up to do so.

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    Thanks for the fast response! The three companies did do load calcs and can up with almost all the same setups compared to the other 7 companies which were over or under in the sizing. My duct work is adequet but needs work but they were willing since the funds are not available to upgrade that right now, they gave me info and directions on things I could do to better the ductwork. The only thing I am unable to do right now would be add the truck reducer to the main trunk. I am going to correct some flex duct problems and to re-insulate the main trunk and hopefully I can get the main trunk to correct reduction by next year. All three companies said the system will work with its current ducting but would maximize performance with a trunk reduction. Also I am going to go with a Trion Air Bear Filter Assembly with the install. (I think it is a 4" filter system) I also will look further into the IAQ upgrade for the Tstat.

    Thanks again, Jeff

    And I will tell you 10 bids later and alot of info searching, some companies are out to tell you one thing and sell you another. One company (well respected) tried to sell me a Trane XB unit as the Deluxe Package unit with similar pricing as the XL15i quotes. Sad to say with a little research they were off the list.

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