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    troubleshooting aquastat honeywell L8148E

    I have a boiler that does not fire. zone valves are calling for heat and flue damper is open but zero voltage to gas valve. If I turn main power off just for one second and back on the boiler fires immediately any suggestions other than replacing aquastat.
    Thank You Mark.

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    Mark, are you a technician or is this your boiler in your home?
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    DIY is limited, but if you're a tech, you should grab your meter and work your way around that control-testing the terminals when it fails. It's either sending voltage to the gas valve or it is not.
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    usually boilers that have this setup also use an electronic control box for ignition and gas valve. If the power is cycled and it works it's usually NOT the aquastat or damper end switches. Judicious use and understanding of the VOM is very helpful in this case.
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