Question for you appliance guys.
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    Question for you appliance guys.

    What is a good brand for a refrigerator.
    We are looking into another side by side or a French door.
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    whether you spend 300 or 3000 dollars, it will last 5 to 7 years. thats the way they're made today

    your 20 dollar toaster has a 1 year warranty. so does that top of the line frig.

    oh and good luck trying to stuff a 20 lb turkey in a side by side,

    stick with low tech domestic brands. too much crap trying to satisfy energy star

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    i got the samsung french door top and freezer bottom from lowes about a year ago, got the extended warranty from lowes.
    Unit great so far, you can set fridge and freeze temps, have dual cooling. we are happy with it...
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    i have an amanna 10 years old still runs like top not one dime in service calls but i also clean the coils and fan every 6 months

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