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    my AC condensate is leaking from furnace area

    This morning I went to the basement to check on water heater and found water on the floor. The water seems to be dripping from the joint area between the furnace and the main neck of the duct. I think it is coming from the air handle - previously we had a blocked drain pipe and a plumber was able to fix it. But I think this leak need a HVAC contractor to open up the furnace. There has been rust all over the furnace area and this furnace and AC is ~18 years old (new when the townhouse was built). We have been thinking about replacing the furnace/AC for last few years. I need to deal with this problem now - should I call a HVAC contractor about the leak and take it from there (in case he suggests replacing the entire thing) or should I start getting bids from different contractors for a brand new system. For a townhouse of 1900 sqft (end unit with energy inefficient windows), single zone - unfinished basement, what would folks recommend? What is the ballpark estimate for replacing both furnace and AC (central NJ)? Will this include also modifications to the ductwork. The ductwork in the basement is completely un-insulated and I would like to see some insulation added in. thanks

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    IF you have the money i would upgrade to a new system 18 years old is very old and very in effecant i would price out a new system will save you money on you're power bill to

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    Is there a drain trap? Is it clean?

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