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    LON Watcher 3 Plugins Missing after loading on new machine.

    I have LW3 loaded on a new machine (old Machine was XP and new one is Vista). I have re-licensed the LW3 so we are good on that part. What I don't understand is that most of the plug-ins are missing.

    I have spent the last three hours downloading and trying to upgrade Smartinstaller and have also used the Vista Patch.

    I did find a whole bunch of plug-ins under a Computer/Local Disk (C:')/Distech Controls Downloads.In this file I can find the following:

    BCS_Distech_Controls_RTU-L V200 Setup files (one as an example but there are many more) and the

    Distech Controls EC-RTU-L Configure V108 Setup file.

    If I double click on the Setup file, it will then send the Plug to wherever it is supposed to go. When I then open up LW3, it is now there. But surely, we shouldn't have to do this for all of the plugins, should we?

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    Yes, or with smart installer check the box to install automatically.

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    Thanks - I did click the "Install Automatically" button. I guess this is just one of the quirks of Vista?

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    Got to the bottom of it. It was that Firefox was not updating the Smart Installer.

    I uninstalled Smart Installer and then reinstalled it through IE7 and all was updated and worked correctly.

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